Gold Coast Photobooth Hire

What's A Photobooth?

A Photobooth is a self-contained, attractive unit that allows a small group of people to step inside and take your own photos. The photos that you take are instantly printed into the drop box for you to collect on your way out.

The booth itself has an entryway covered by a curtain. Close the curtain once inside and follow the instructions on the touch screen. Smile, make a silly face, or put on one of the items from the "prop" box. The best part of all this is that nobody can see into the booth from outside, so you don't need to be shy or worry about what others think. You just have fun!

Once you take a few photos they will instantly print on a photo strip. The photo strips are about 5cm wide by 15cm long and hold 3-5 photos vertically. At the very bottom of the strip there will be your event's logo or slogan. These photo strips are yours to keep.

Our photo booths run highly technical software. This is pre-configured and tailored to your own event. A personalized digital backdrop, black and white or color, portrait or landscape - it's all your choice.

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