Gold Coast Photobooth Hire

Its Party Time

Hire a GC Photobooth and capture the fun of your special occasion - it doesn't matter if it's an intimate gathering, birthday, anniversary or themed event. GC Photobooths enhance any party whatever and are the ideal addition to give your night the 'wow' factor.

How it Works

On the day of your event a well presented, fun and experienced photo booth attendant will arrive at your venue prior to your event starting and will setup the booth in your desired location. Our booths are extremely portable and can fit through any standard size doorway. When you've choosen the best spot the attendant will setup the booth and configure it. When your event starts people will be able to enter the booth at any point and will be able to take as many photos as they please. Our attendant will be standing by to make sure everyone's have a blast and getting their turn.

Operating the booth is really easy. When someone enters the booth, you'll see the large touch screen and to start all as you need to do is tap the 'Take a Photo' button. When pressed a countdown timer lasting 3-5 seconds which allows you to get in your positions and perfect your poses. The flash sparks and the photo will be taken. As soon as the photo's taken you'll see it on-screen and at this stage you'll probably have a giggle and click 'Take Next Photo'! Once you have taken 3, 4 or 5 photos depending on how many you choose to be on the photo strip, the booth will print the photos, instantly. Each photo thats taken and printed is also stored internally which we'll provide to you on a USB stick after the event.

The photo strips that print will be custom tailored to your event. You will have the option to choose what how they look and what they say prior to your event. See our photo booth gallery for examples.

The Booth

Booths come in variaty of shapes and sizes and can have an even greater variaty of quality when it comes to the actually photos produced. We've put a huge amount of time and effort into researching the best possible photobooth and we think you'll agree.

Our booths are a great size which allow upto 5 people in one shot. This is fantastic for all sorts of fun group photos. You can get the bride and bridemades in one amazing shot, or get the groom and groomsmen together, or maybe get a few with the family! The potenital is endless. When people do enter the booth and are ready to take photos, the booth is really simply to operate, all booths are touch screen so to take a photo you just click the on screen buttons which will start the countdown, 3-2-1-SNAP! When the photo is taken you'll see it onscreen. When you have taken enough for a photo strip, it will either be 3, 4 or 5 photos depending on how many you choose, your photos will instantly print.

The photo quality is VERY high, the camera used in our booths is a top quality DSLR Cannon - these are professional grade cameras and take amazing shots. No blurry photos with our booths!

What's Included

+ Unlimited photo prints (BW, Sepia and Colour)
+ Your choice of backdrop
+ Your choice of photo strip design
+ Free digital copies of all photos
+ Free delivery and removal from venue
+ Highly trained booth attendant


Check out some of these previous functions and see just how much fun a booth can be! Click any image to see the original photo strip.

Jeff's 21st

Dave's 40th & Erica

Minter Ellison

See an overview of a Photo Strip and how it will be customised for your party.


The table below shows our pricing structure. This is an all inclusive price which includes all the features listed in the What's Included above.

  2 Hours 3 Hours 4 Hours 5 Hours
Monday to Thursday Call Now! Call Now! Call Now! Call Now!
Friday to Sunday Call Now! Call Now! Call Now! Call Now!

A deposit of $200 is required to secure your booking and full payment must be made one month prior to your event. We accept cash, bank cheque, direct deposit or BarterCard.

Please note: All pricing includes GST.

Booking a Booth

It's easy to book a booth for your next event. Simply call or email us. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Call Sharon on: 0418 475 888